Located in the heart of the Binh Dinh Province, Vietnam, Delta Galil Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a frontrunner in conscious manufacturing. Specializing in knitting, dyeing, and sewing, the factory uses rooftop solar panels and recycles water waste to up the standard for what it means to be a sustainable production facility.

Established in 2015, Delta Galil Vietnam has quickly become one of Vietnam’s top manufacturing facilities. They have already achieved an incredible list of top industry certifications and their commitment to the environment is evident in initiatives such as their use of renewable energy from solar panels and their state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant that has a capacity of 1200 m³/day and an impressive 80% recycling rate. Additionally, the facility is actively implementing an energy management system that meets the ISO 50001 requirements to improve energy efficiency and performance within the entire operation.

Alongside their innovative technologies that care for the environment, Delta Galil Vietnam Co., Ltd. believes in empowering its employees and the local citizens through a scholarship program and prioritising the safety and well-being of the workers by offering personal development and anti-sexual harassment training –  going beyond industry norms to make a positive impact on its employees, the local community, and the planet.

Meet the makers

behind the basics

Meet the makers

behind the basics

We love paying our partners a visit to learn more about how they apply their knowledge and expertise to the construction of every single garment.

The installation of solar panels on the facility’s rooftop not only significantly reduces the factory's carbon footprint but also minimizes operational costs. In addition to utilizing a renewable energy source, Delta Galil Vietnam Co., Ltd. recycles up to 80% of its water waste, treating the planet with care and creating Earth-friendly basics along the way.

Delta Galil Vietnam Co. Ltd. is a versatile manufacturing facility that specializes in multiple aspects of textile and apparel production such as knitting, dying, and sewing textiles, transforming them into end products that consider both the planet and the people on it.

Creating the basics

Skilled workers use sewing machines to cut and stitch the knitted fabric through pattern making, cutting fabric pieces, and assembling them into finished garments. Quality control and attention to detail are applied to ensure the final products meet the desired standards.

The facility uses specialized machines to create fabrics by interlocking yarns or threads in a specific pattern. By being one of the early steps in the transformation of raw materials into textiles, the factory can monitor and ensure that the products are held to its extremely high production standards.

At Delta Galil Vietnam Co., Ltd. they take immense pride in not just the end products but in the technology and craftsmanship that goes into each stage of production, consistently delivering high-quality textiles and garments while fostering innovation, sustainability, and quality at every turn. Specializing in knitting, dying and sewing, the facility utilizes various types of knitting machines to create fabrics such as jersey, rib, and cable knits, among others. The facility can thereby ensure that the fabrics used to create the final products are held up to their high standards from the early steps of the production process.

Delta Galil Vietnam Co., Ltd., Vietnam
  • Founding year


  • Employees


  • Overtime

    Max 4h/day, 12h/week, 40h/month

  • Employee benefits

    13th-month salary bonus, Incentive bonus, 5S bonus, Meal allowance, Transportation allowance, Night shift allowance, 15 days annual leave, a Scholarship program for employees & local citizens

  • Certification & Audits

    SLCP, Higg FEM, ISO 14001, ISO 90001, ISO 50001 (in progress), SCAN, LABS, GRS, GOTS